Who are we ?

The purpose of the association is the representation and permanent information of French-speaking inspectors certified in the field of corrosion protecting by coatings in order to enhance their profession and promote their activity.

The AFICPAR is a non-profit-making association (1901 law) whose aim is to bring together its members, particularly with a view to clarifying certain ethical and technical principles.

  • To bring together certified French-speaking inspectors,
  • To see to circulation of technical information on a permanent basis, to its members and all interested parties,
  • To ensure the setting up of a portal for the exchange of information available to its members on the site of the association,
  • To liaise with French and foreign organisations specialised in fields which interest its members,
  • To gather together or help with studies and research and to distribute the resulting knowledge,
  • To organise seminars or conferences on topical subjects, possibly in collaboration with other associations,
  • To inform its members and all interested parties of progress made or new elements intervening in the domain,
  • To collaborate with French and foreign organisations interested in the field and the French or foreign industrial and commercial companies to make known the certified inspectors and the principles to which they conform both from a technical and an ethical standpoint,
  • To defend the moral interests of its members and to help them by all legal means and in accordance with its principles,
  • Promote the European and international dimensions of certified inspectors.

Welcome to your association’s website

This site stems from a reflection of professionals in painting, engineering, inspection and control, working together for seven years.
You will find various sections: the history of the association, its role and how it works, its conventions, its partners who are at your disposal, etc.
As a member, it will bring you a means of communication within the association and one of integration in your new role as an inspector.
Through this site, new members will be able to ensure, even participate, in the correct running of their association and, beyond this, benefit from a better passing on of information.
We wanted a convivial, fun and cordial site. We hope that you will wander through it easily and that you will animate it with as much pleasure as we had creating it.
You can let us know of your suggestions, either through the contact form, or by e-mail by completing the Helpdesk.aficpar form.
Moreover, you can also become the editors of new fact sheets on your feedback (REX) that will boost the Publications section. The information thus shared helps others avoid isolation and enables them to keep in touch with reality.
In order to leave nothing to chance, you need to try out situations between several of you, share what you live with others, always be on standby and available. That is the aim of our, of your, publications. And for a few minutes of information given, it is often a gain of hours of questioning for all.
The management of your site has been entrusted to your voluntary representatives. Therefore, updating sometimes requires a little patience. We hope, however, that you will find there the answers to your questions and the spirit of conviviality specific to AFICPAR.
You are an inspector! But you also live in communal spaces. Take time to reread our code of ethics.
In conclusion, allow me a quote that reflects the diversity of our population of inspectors: “What we all have in common is to all be different!” (Robert Zend). To which I wish to add this personal thought, as an incentive to communication: “Withholding information does not, under any circumstances, lead to knowledge.”
We wish you a good visit. This is very important to us. It reflects your interest in the objectives pursued by our association and is a real support for us.

José Ménaches
Président of the AFICPAR